Shelf Life

It’s a mess. Mid-August has struck and so has my nesting illness. Despite the fact that we have only been here for two months, I’m rearranging. The contents of my bookshelves are all over the floor. My closet is next on the list. September will always be the start of a new year. At the end of every summer I have this nagging urge to reorganize my space and purge the results of my hoarding mentality.

I’m set on using these two weeks between semesters to get some projects done. My drawing class seriously cut into my craft time, so I am making up for it. I am aware that I have probably piled my plate a little high. I intend to strip three pieces of furniture and refinish them as well as do some sewing and acrylic painting. So far, I’ve managed to faux-wallpaper my walls and convert a shag rug into a couple textured throw pillows. Today is all about the bookshelf (two of them). I find exposed shelves to be the biggest challenge as they so easily can look cluttered and disjointed, so I’m focusing on clearing a little more space than I usually do (sorry knickknacks), and maybe applying a little colour coordination with my books.

Today’s inspiration:


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