Returning to Never Never Land

Last night’s craft is nothing new. Pinterest is bursting at the seams with tutorials. I got a great one on A Beautiful Mess (the adorableness of this blog will send you for a spiral!). Mine is pretty much an exact copy except that I added a snap to the front so that the sides of the collar can be rotated to help it lie flat depending on how long or short you need the collar to be (where the neckline of the shirt you’re wearing it with is). And I couldn’t settle on one ribbon colour, so I sewed a little pearl shank button on over the snap so different coloured ribbons could be swapped in and out.

I want nothing more than to fill my closets with a fresh fall wardrobe, but it’s soooo not happening. I’m gonna have to rely on my craftiness to add a little zest to the clothes I’ve already got (as well as the odd thrift store find). A little white leather peter pan collar gives all the shirts I already own a little somethin’ somethin’.

A shank button is just a button that comes on a post (you don’t see the holes from the front)- it provides the space needed to loop a ribbon onto it. If you tie the ribbon on like you would tie a neck tie, you can tighten the ribbon nice a snug to the post and easily remove it to switch to other ribbons. From there the options are endless: lace, red velvet, neon…

OK. Gotta go get ready for the Hanson concert tonight.


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