Let’s Drink to the Salt of the Earth

Fell asleep reading my architectural drawing textbook last night and have enjoyed my morning coffee while compiling a binder of fabric swatches.

Back to the books… or in my case, the drafting table. All my classes are in the drafting labs, so each student sits at a giant drafting table. We were told to be careful of the bar at the bottom (if you bump it from the underside the table top will shoot up) because an instructor was hit with one and gave themselves a concussion.

So I spent my 6 hours in class continually reminding myself to stay the hell away from the bar.

This weekend I begin training for a second job at a coffee shop even closer to my apartment than the restaurant (about 40 steps). While I am excited to learn how to make coffee, I am not excited to wear the apron and hat; however, starving students can’t afford pride, plus I will be doing opening shifts so I’ll probably end up being thrilled to not have to do my hair.

In last night’s class, we did small introductions, and one of the things we had to do was to tell the class about the highlight of our summer. Scotty and I mainly worked and did summer school, so I had to think about it. The first girl went, “I ate a really nice fish.” The next guy went, “I worked, but on a side note, if anyone lives by Metrotown, I’d be happy to give them a lift” followed by, “I’m from China and I took the Business Communications class and had lot’s of trouble in it, so I spent the summer learning better English”, “I went to Tofino for the first time”, “I went to summer school”, “I worked” , “I coordinated my dad’s wedding at a really cool greenhouse in the Valley”.  I was rather charmed by the simplicity of the majority of my classmates’ answers (there were a few who spent the summer in Paris, London, on a remote island in the Phillippines). Seems like I’m in good company. I especially liked the girl who was thrilled to eat a fish.

It was a nice reality check for this student who couldn’t afford to take time off work after her summer semester was over, but is insanely blessed to have been able to live and work on the other side of the world for the better part of the year and now go to school (do you know how many people in the world wish they had even half the opportunities/access we have when it comes to education?).


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