I’m Sorry, I Just Don’t Feel the Same

I may not have been able to get away this summer, but I did manage to get a lot of projects done during my few weeks between semesters.

One project was covering up that picture from Ikea that everyone owns because it was dirt cheap. Walking past the ground floor of our apartment only made me more bummed out about it. I swear that just about every room has it hanging on the wall. I bought it a few years back and am not attached to it at all, so I decided I wanted to cover it up.

I tried to do a surrealism overlay with acrylics, but it just looked cheap (so I peeled it off). I tried a couple more times with acrylics, but I just couldn’t make it look right.


Attempt four was permanent- chalk board paint. I didn’t realize how toxic the stuff is and made our apartment smell like one giant jiffy marker.


It’s kinda perfect for my ever-changing mind. I can keep erasing and re-doing it according to whatever my inspiration/obsession flavour of the month is (right now it’s the moon- love the moon… and space).


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