Boss called. Someone is interested. He was asked that I email them asap.


(after jumping up and down).


Fa La La.

I believe I am finally through the crazy with school. Last weekend was spent indoors not sleeping. I wrote a midterm (yes, this late, due to strikes), handed in a 14-page report on glass application in interiors (everything from tile, to mirror to architectural glass) as well as a life-cycle analysis (where it comes from and where it ends up after use, and whether we believe it to be sustainable), did two presentations (one group, one solo- apparently the solo one put me in the running for a scholarship?) and wrote a final exam.

On Wednesday I decorated.

With everything going on with this strike (two of my classes have been extended a week, which means I am done on the 17th instead of the 10th… lame), and the possibility that there will be another strike on Monday (so an incomplete letter grade in two of my classes is still a possibility)- a day filled with decorating and zero schoolwork was just what I needed. I’ve also been summoned for jury duty come January. I MAY be able to get out of it due to being a student, but it’s not guaranteed (meaning I may have to withdraw from school). I’m taking this all to mean that maybe there are other opportunities out there for me. Last night I made a connection about a decorator looking to hire downtown, and my new boss is going to send out some emails to designers he’s worked with in the restaurant industry downtown seeing if I can get an internship.

So everything is up in the air. Something will work out. I’m remaining open to any path. I know that design doesn’t necessarily need a degree: it’s all about the portfolio and the networking, so we’ll see what the coming weeks bring.

In any case, here’s the apartment. Decked for the holidays. I’m having a bit of a hate for tree skirts. Haven’t come across any ideas that I love, but I also hate the plastic tree legs. I kicked some extra ornaments under the tree and think I might be able to make something out of ornaments to cover up the bottom of the tree. Kinda have the same issue with stockings, so I reverted to the original tradition of using actual socks. Picked up 3 pairs for $3. We have a lot of vintage decorations, so it kinda goes, especially with the vintage hanger.


























So I have been killing myself to finish 3 projects and cram for a midterm, found out yesterday that I now have an extra week. A strike on Monday means no school, no midterm, no deadlines. So after work tonight, I built a vintage Christmas dream. Every ornament on our tree is from thrift or from grandma. They take up 2 giant tupperwares when packed because they’re so insanely breakable, so I’m a little crazy about packing them.

I needed something to tuck Scotty’s present under (found a little gift today that he’ll love). Completely justifies why I am still up at 1:30 in the morning and it’s not school related.



For $2


Found these at the thrift shop today. Never knew you could get glass lids on them. Can’t wait to do this Pinterest idea with them, then after that, fill them with valentines candy.


What’s so Bad About an “Oops” Anyway?

If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.

– Ken Robinson, TED Talk

You know when life gets so busy, how you feel like you are living underground, like you have only a headlamp on and you can only see what’s right in front of you, and you know the walls are close and you don’t have much room to move, so mixed with panic and exhaustion you keep putting one foot in front of the other hoping to find the end somewhere? Ever get that feeling?

There’s that twisted part of me that loves being busy like that. Getting one step closer to that finish line does wonders for my results oriented personality. The physical part of me hates it. My body hates the lack of sleep, and my brow becomes permanently furrowed as an act of protest to what I am forcing myself to do.

Truth be told, I can’t seem to get my brain to shut off until about 3am, and I hate the wasted hours of sleeping in. I am going to have hell to pay. I am just hoping it’s not until Christmas break- I can’t afford to get sick right now.

Tonight’s class was brilliant. My group and I did an amazing presentation on Karim Rashid and I am systematically overcoming my anxiety over doing presentations (this program loves making us do presentations).

But moreover, we discussed the topic of CONCEPT and how all our design projects will come from a concept. Continually coming up with fresh, innovative concepts is one of the biggest challenges facing us design students in the months to come, so thus began the conversation around creativity.

I stayed an extra 40 minutes after class continuing the discussion with my instructor. My mind just LOVED tonight’s class.

We watched a TED Talk that discussed how our culture systematically destroys creativity through our education system…

Give the video 60 seconds and I am sure it will pull you

The whole idea of how the fear of making a mistake is culturally ingrained in us and actually gets in our way of embracing deeper learning through trying things out (rather than just reproducing what we’re told to think/do). The quote at the top is a keeper. Such a solid reminder.


I found this song on Earmilk last week. I’ve since listened to it about 30 times. So dreamy. I picture a winter moon illuminating a dark field. I can see my breath. The trees cling to their last few leaves. The smell of snow in the air.

Then I saw the video. Stunning imagery. The waves made me take a bit of a pause.

I am entering a crazy month. I have a lot on my project plate, but the end is in sight: by November 27th, I should have just about finished everything off (there will still be a few projects to finish after that).

This video makes me pause. I love that.