Your Outfit Would Look Amazing On My Wall

Perhaps it is because it brings to mind the tiny closet-less apartments you read about in Paris, or just that I like having an excuse for making those vintage purchases I am quite sure I’ll never wear, but I am rather fond of decor that involves displaying some of your most loved clothes. I’m not talking about your favourite pair of jeans or your favourite sweater- I’m talking about that dress that makes you sigh deeply or your mom’s vintage jacket. It seems a shame to hide them in the back of your closet. Last summer I converted a simple set of ikea shelves into a little garment rack so that I could hang my dresses out in the open. I am a pretty serious thrifter, and I’ve come across the most amazing vintage pieces from time to time (a 1940’s wedding dress, this ballet tutu I bought when we lived in New Zealand, a red petticoat and various sequined things)- I see the art in clothing, and I admit that I am a bit of a collector (if I had the money and space, I probably would be a lot of a collector).

Whether it’s dresses, hats, shoes, or a collection of vintage levi’s- I say pull that stuff out of the closet and put it on display.


Look at the spread on that skirt! I would love to see something similar with a black dress in a black and white colour scheme. Tres Parisian!


And leave it to the BRILLIANT girls at A Beautiful Mess (seriously, is anyone getting sick of me singing these girls’ praises?) to come up with a cute idea of using 3M removable adhesive squares and clothes pegs to create such a cute way to display your hats.


Pinterest is choc-a-bloc full of ideas for DIY clothes racks. If I had my choice, it would be this DIY done with bright copper pipes and black wood.

The genius’ at Droog have created a lamp that allows you to use your own clothes as the lamp shade- very cute for the corner of a room (something lace and embroidered would look incredible).

And I’ll leave you with the Snake Wardrobe- a strand jumbo of beechwood beads that can be strung any where you like:

This ‘occasional wardrobe’ is perfect when you have limited space or simply want to keep your favourite garments in sight.

(from the Story North Website)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Simple, unexpected and sweetly playful.

Now go get into your closet and Coveteur yo’self.

Sources (clockwise from top left for collages):


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