Like Sunshine Spilling On the Floor.

I have about 5 mins to “chat” before I head out for another 15 hr day.

As of next week I will be doing half the serving shifts I usually do. I actually listened to my husband and friends and opted to not try to be “super human” and make myself all exhausted and miserable because I’m spreading myself too thin trying to do two jobs and school.

I’ll still have two jobs and school, but instead of pulling 7 shifts a week between the two of them, I’ll do five.

Feeling like a hero over here.

Quickly, I want to say that there is something insane happening. Last night I attended BCIT’s design Graduation at Herman Miller downtown. It was an exciting and inspirational night. It was so fun to meet all the students who are ahead of me in the program (seeing what lies in store for me really got my wheels turning). The night ended with Becky (the designer I am assisting this summer) and I madly talking about our dreams which turned into drawing on napkins, which turned into writing on paper (thank you server). The long and short of it is that we believe women shouldn’t be in competition, especially design women.

Our dreams involve creating a team of young designers who are passionate about the environment. Who have a strong desire to create, and aren’t in it for the money. A group of young women who believe that there is a calling to do things differently than what is already being done, and we get really excited about pushing the boundaries.

We met an insanely inspiring grad last night who designed the most wicked floor lamp you’ve ever seen- we’re already looking into making sure she gets patented, and gets the recognition she deserves. And while we were madly writing, we met a server who is a design graduate making furniture in her garage.

I’ll go into more detail later, but girls came out of the woodwork last night… I refuse to believe in coincidence.

We talked for a long time and we’re all on the same page. We plan to keep our jobs (and go to school), learn every thing we can there, but on the side, we’re going to start entering competitions, we’re going to create a website, and we’re going to start pushing each other to really pursue the things we dream of.

stay tuned.


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