Harvest Agency

Call me crazy, but I think we can all get along. I believe it to be a devastating lie to think that everyone in the design realm has to be in competition with each other. Design is collaborative. It’s a process of problem solving; thus, it is always best to have a few extra sets of eyes to point out the things you might not have thought about.

Plus, there’s a deep sense of understanding: “yeah, I keep absolutely everything too because I think I can make something out of it” type understanding.

We’re all mad here.- Cheshire Cat

Aside from being insanely good to look at, Harvest Agency¬†understands that it is far better to be in collaboration than in competition. Trying to make it on your own is intimidating and so so so hard. It’s great to have a team cheering you on, sharing in your successes and “at least I learned a lot” moments.

I see my future in design as being part of something bigger than myself. I’m really not looking to get famous. I just want to be inspired and enriched in the creative process. I believe in surrounding myself with like-minded people. Maybe I’m crazy or maybe I’m on to something.

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