Creating Purpose.

There is a use for everything under the sun. There is also a fine line between being a crafty mind that sees a potential use in everything and being a hoarder. I believe I am safe because my need for tidiness outweighs my need to keep everything.

A major peeve of mine is the “throw away” culture that consumes the North American lifestyle. We buy cheap trendy clothes with the awareness that we’ll hate it in a year, but it’s okay because it was cheap (I am soooo guilty of this, but I do hate it when I catch myself doing it). We buy stuff for now and not for the future. And I am convinced it’s not just about looking for a deal. I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that we don’t want to commit to anything. If we shell out a fortune for a couch that will last us years (and likely save us a lot of money) it means we have to commit beyond the five years that you’ll get out of that ho-hum couch that came with a free tv.

I could go on and on and on.

Some people look at me like I am craaaaazy for wanting to find hand-me-downs to furnish my apartment (they quickly change their tune when they see it). I love that there has been a past life- it has so many stories to tell. I love the character. I love the quality (they used to make things to last). I love that I am keeping things out of the landfills (does anyone else get a sinking feeling when they tie up a bag of garbage and then think about the fact that what is in that bag is going to be put in a pile and it just has to sit there? And we do that week after week, year after year).

Things like this  mattress springs peg board thrill me. I’ve always been that person who likes to find totally different uses for things. To keep the things that are no longer needed and create new purpose for them. I remember the lamp shade I made out of the handfuls of negatives we had kicking around the house. Even now, I’m giving my grade 6 self a high-five for that idea.

And what really blows my mind is all the new stuff that is being sold for way too much money that is made to look old (the chipped paint, scratched, and dents in the shabby chic furniture stores). If people only knew that they could get the real deal at the thrift shop down the street, and that drawer pulls and handles are the easiest things to switch out. I’m not saying that everything has to be used, but maybe we could give things a second chance from time to time.

Image via chictip


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