Another Way to Waste a Day.

I’ve been keeping a distance. This website is in line to become my newest addiction:


The home is the center of our lives. It can and should be a more creative, functional and beautiful place for us to spend our time. The tutorials, apps, and products that we suggest here on Brit + Co. are designed with that philosophy in mind.- Brit + Co, ‘About Us’

The creator, a digital age domestic goddess, used to work for Google, so she has her ear to the ground on the best technology to help you run your home in the simplest of ways (cooking and grocery shopping apps, for example) which she has titled “home hacks” (ways to do it more simply and quickly).

But for me, it’s all the DIY’s, the Decor and the PARTIES!!!


It’s layout is more Martha Stewart dot com- it fills that Magazine hole in my heart (I STILL love print, and I feel sad about always finding everything online all the time). They comb the web for the good stuff and give you the links where to find it (because how many of us have been led on one of those wild goose-chases when pinterest doesn’t exactly lead you to what you were hoping for?). It’s another site to put in that back pocket and then cruise on a lazy saturday morning with your cup of coffee (which I anticipate will lead to one of those craft black-outs where next thing you know, it’s 1 am and your apartment is one giant craftermath).

I think their party-section deserves a little extra praise because my dream life involves an awful lot of dinner parties.

All images via Brit + Co Website


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