A major bonus to working as a design assistant/apprentice is that I get a better view of what’s out there beyond Ikea and Home Outfitters for furniture and waaaaaaaaay beyond Home Depot for finishing materials.

I’ve been trying to source a light fixture for our new conference room, and I came across Propellor and got those warm tinglies.

Propellor is an independent, Vancouver based multi-disciplinary design studio. We thrive on the challenge of creating useful, beautiful and ecologically minded objects and experiences…

Their core values stack up the same as my own:


Three heads are better than one – working together takes us places creatively that we wouldn’t think of going alone.


We work at being good citizens. In our community and in the world at large we take our social and environmental responsibilities seriously. We work to reduce our impact at every level of our practice… Evolving as people, as designers and as a company involves continually questioning our choices, learning new lessons and working to take every new step in the right direction.


The smell of horses, bon-vivants, podcasts, bicycles of all kinds, wool, whiskey, meals with friends, spring in Vancouver, sleeping under the stars, deep conversation, talking trash, making bread, the rainforest, mushrooms, manifestos, shit disturbers, mom & pops, remote Canadian surf spots, the patina of use, fall in Vancouver, birds of all kinds (especially ravens), vibrant public spaces, investigative journalists, creeks, streams, rivers, thrift stores, sore muscles, tidal pools, documentaries, the tundra, drifting in a canoe, intimate music venues, gnarly old buildings, permaculture, pillow talk, sea otters (who doesn’t), loooong baths, downpours, problem solving, human-powered devices, summer in Vancouver

the patina of use… that is so damn romantic I can’t even handle it. Are you as in love as I am?

Propellor gets me excited. Not only is their site so jaw-droppingly inspiring to look at, but there is such an intimacy to their work/belief-system. I have ranted in past posts about how much I disagree with the competitive, back-stabbing and superiority that can happen in this industry. I love to see local companies who don’t adhere to the norm.

This is just a fraction of what they’ve done, but these light designs speak to my little industrial-loving heart.


Oyster, shitake, morel – our love of mushrooms compelled us to investigate how they grow. The Mycologic light takes it’s abstracted form from the branching characteristics of the mushroom’s root systems.


The Calvino series of pendant lights pay homage to novelist Italo Calvino. As in his great utopic book Invisible Cities, our Calvino light suggests an idealized floating city, warmly lit at night.


Comprised of two iconic West Coast woods, the Galiano light takes it’s name from our favorite island off the coast of Vancouver. The Galiano’s shade is made from Douglas Fir finished with natural oil and beeswax while the hanging Arbutus branch serves as the pull switch.


Kilter emerges from the process of taking something old and making it new, transforming something forgotten into something of use.

Now what are you still doing here? Go to the Propellor site and see the mountain of awesomeness that they’ve been building!

All images from Propellor


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