I’m Sorry (I’m Not Sorry).

Day 3 of the cleanse is wrapping up in a puddle of weakness.

But when you find yourself in Fort Langley being charmed off your feet, you throw caution to the wind and say “one scoop of cotton candy.”


I’m weak. Oh well.

Becky and I found a lovely man who owns a Christmas Tree farm and sells live-edge slices of wood. We originally bought one to sand and finish for the design office reception area, but Becky went crazy with her belt sander and got bit by the furniture bug. We drove back out and bought 4 more slabs to fix up and sell. We also nabbed a bag of slices to make coasters.

True to her country girl, cute, yet rough and tumble nature, Becky already got us invited to sell our wares at the Christmas craft fair at the farm this winter.

I’ll find time to apprentice, do school and start a hobby company without any problem right?





Day two of a cleanse. Was feeling some serious blues this afternoon. Couldn’t cure my afternoon slump with my regular sweets, and that apple just wasn’t cutting it.

I just got home from the most romantic hour on my bike (yes, the crazy nice electric bike I won in May). The evening sun was so golden, and I passed so many happy people out for a Sunday evening peddle too. I noticed a lot of people staring from their cars as they drove past. I am sure some people wished they were out on their bike (and not in their car), others were trying to figure out how this girl on a giant cruiser bike could fly up a hill so effortlessly, and others, I’m sure, noticed the big, goofy grin taking up most of my face.

My favourite part of the evening was when I looked over my shoulder and saw two cyclists gaining ground on me, I flicked the power on and took off up a hill… It’s strange to feel the wind rushing through your hair as you ride up a hill.

Tonight I Swore Like a Sailor

And I challenge you to make this recipe and not do the same when you sit down to eat it.


I love to cook. I adore it, but I have been terrible at finding the time to do the things I love. Tonight I got home and began pulling things out of the fridge/freezer and my cupboards. I noticed I had both white wine AND carrot juice in my fridge (what are the chances?), and this recipe for a seafood hot pot started to burn hole in my stomach. I only had prawns and cod, but I felt ok with that.

I love movies like “No Reservations” and “Julie and Julia” that make the simple act of sitting down to a plate of food look like the most pleasurable experience. I love the sensuality and intimacy of food.



Everyone has to grocery shop. Everyone has to eat. Tonight it was so gosh darn enjoyable. I do not hesitate to say that this is one of my top favourite dishes I have ever made.

It triggered a memory. It reminded me how much I love the simple pleasure of preparing food, and how a following a really great recipe can be such a great way to unwind after work.

Where Do We Go From Here?


After passing by this little gem at school last month (yeah, BCIT is a concrete prison), it all made sense to me: I would rather a life of quirk and quaint over luxe and glamour. I often look at those women who are put together so perfectly and feel a bit slobish. I bring it on myself. I feel silly when things match too well, and I tug at my ponytail until little pieces of hair fall down around my face. I feel out of place when I walk into a boutique. Instead, I feel I am at my best in a thrift shop. I confidently flip through those clothing racks at lightening speed and march around like I belong.

I’m just not one of those fancy girls…

…but I ain’t no tomboy either.

I have more nail polish than I can keep up with. I love my eye makeup. My liquid liner and mascara are waterproof, and I’ll proudly wear them to the beach. “Oh my gosh, that’s soooo cute” is sighed daily as I gaze at something that just “get’s to me.” I’ll never own enough shoes and I am happiest in dresses. I cry just thinking about how much I love my husband, or my family, or my cats, or this new career path I am following. I am a total (and proud) girl.

Truth be told. I am just like the other 97% who never felt cool in high school: I’ve always felt awkward and I’m so relieved that the world is full of other awkward people. And I am beyond thrilled when that awkwardness is parlayed into creative genius whether music, literature, art or design.

I think it was this little moment between the car and another drafting class that gave me a moment of clarity I have never quite had. A moment when I breathed out and accepted that I’m not rich nor fancy. I’m not even particularly exciting. But I am happy. I contantly notice and I am inspired by the things that are different. I see humour in the little details. My heart jumps out of my chest whenever something sparks a new idea. I think all of my awkward friends are the funniest people I’ve ever met. I like to hum and sing when I am walking, and I don’t really care that I always get “busted” by strangers (standing at a cross walk, thinking I’m alone and then I notice the three people standing behind me… stopping now would only be embarassing, so I act like I knew they were there).

A guy made fun of me for living in one of the oldest apartments in town,

“I looked at those when I was looking for a place, but they were way too ghetto for me” (I stared at him in disbelief, partly because I couldn’t believe he was ok with being that mean to my face and partly because I ADORE my little apartment and all the cute elderly neighbours that live in it).

A coworker whined about her “old” (2006) car until she finally caved and bought a new SUV (my civic is a 2001, we have driven it into the ground, and I will cry my eyes out when it bites the dust- I have been preparing myself for that tragic day for quite some time).

I find myself in these moments all the time. The ones where people are complaining about the very thing I am thanking God for.

I count myself blessed. I’ve never cared much for the Jones’ and what they do. And in light of that previous post about finding a better way to use this blog, I think I’ve found a direction: sharing the little things, the quirky, the quaint, the cute and the swoons.

You’ll see what I mean soon enough.

I just want what I put out there to make people feel better about their lives and not jealous of mine. I don’t want to come across as a braggart, but rather, a thankful heart. There are so many great things in the everyday life that often get overlooked. Inspiration exists everywhere, and a beautiful life lies in the details. For those of you who know me and have (bless your hearts) followed me from blog to blog- my stumbling block has always been that I feel an inner conflict in that the blogger-world can often feel far too self-promoting. I feel uncomfortable with the hey look at me mentality (let me be clear, I pass no judgement on other bloggers. I am the girl who feels much happier to celebrate other people’s birthdays than my own, and I’ve been known to go as far as to keep my birthday a secret because I don’t enjoy being the center of attention. I am ALWAYS more than happy to celebrate other people).

Celebrating the details of life is something that everyone can relate to. It isn’t exclusive. A good book, a pretty sunset, an inspiring artist or a really great recipe are all things accessible to everyone in their everyday lives.

A beautiful life lies in the details…

My new mantra (did I steal that from somewhere? Probably).

I Still Have Dirt Under My Nails.

After I walked out of my summer semester at BCIT, I drove myself to Value Village and picked up some clear glass containers. I have long been admiring all the pretty little terrariums scattered just about everywhere I looked (it’s insane how expensive a “done up” one can be) and I had a bag of soil sitting on my deck waiting for me.




I couldn’t decide between the pack of mini horses and the mini dinosaurs at the dollar store, so I bought both. In a perfect world, I would’ve found the moose and grizzly bear I had hoped for (yeah, this Canadiana thing is real).




I have collected far too many little cacti. My bar cart and credenza are literally over-flowing with them. I’ve now started avoiding the floral section at the grocery store… it’s far too tempting.


I might have a bit of an instagram obsession. I am constantly looking for new people to follow. I think I follow over 300 people, and that 300 has been in a constant state of rotation. Sometimes I bore of people, sometimes I find a new person that I find inspiring. I am constantly following and unfollowing people.

You wouldn’t believe how many screen shots I take. Sometimes it’s a product to remember, sometimes an outfit and MANY MANY times it’s a photo idea.

I have come to realize that I need photography (and not just iphonography) back in my life. Since I joined the iphone ranks, I have become lazy. I take almost all my photos with an iphone. It can be great for a lot of things, but as far as macro and zoom- it totally sucks. but this post isn’t about that.

I think I was pushed over the edge by all the American pride on my instagram feed today (July 4th), so I finally caved and went for it.

A few weeks back, this adorable New York Blogger posted this photo:

Feeling very inspired, I immediately screen-shot it. This girl has some serious style, and not in a try-hard kind of way. Her style is so honest and imperfect in the most flatteringly free-spirited way. I have long felt very inspired by her little shots of her apartment in NY.

For months I have been eyeing this scarf at Free People. I talked myself down from the ledge, assuming it was an impulse thing (they often are), but I never shook it. I found myself constantly checking to see if it went on clearance.

And then Natalie posted that picture and I realized I wanted this vintagey-looking scarf for my wall. I’ve done my research, I haven’t seen a company who sells Canadian flag scarves (that aren’t complete cheese) and any vintage flags cost a fortune!

And then today, as my Southern neighbours spilled over with pride, I got back in front of the computer, and ripped the bandaid: 5-7 business days until it arrives.

So now I am on this Canadiana kick. I was on Etsy last night and absolutely swooning my swooner off over this:

I think I might have started something. A new obsession if you will.

Seriously, you should check out White Faux Taxidermy– it’s only a matter of time before I order something!!!!

Images: 1. 2.3