I might have a bit of an instagram obsession. I am constantly looking for new people to follow. I think I follow over 300 people, and that 300 has been in a constant state of rotation. Sometimes I bore of people, sometimes I find a new person that I find inspiring. I am constantly following and unfollowing people.

You wouldn’t believe how many screen shots I take. Sometimes it’s a product to remember, sometimes an outfit and MANY MANY times it’s a photo idea.

I have come to realize that I need photography (and not just iphonography) back in my life. Since I joined the iphone ranks, I have become lazy. I take almost all my photos with an iphone. It can be great for a lot of things, but as far as macro and zoom- it totally sucks. but this post isn’t about that.

I think I was pushed over the edge by all the American pride on my instagram feed today (July 4th), so I finally caved and went for it.

A few weeks back, this adorable New York Blogger posted this photo:

Feeling very inspired, I immediately screen-shot it. This girl has some serious style, and not in a try-hard kind of way. Her style is so honest and imperfect in the most flatteringly free-spirited way. I have long felt very inspired by her little shots of her apartment in NY.

For months I have been eyeing this scarf at Free People. I talked myself down from the ledge, assuming it was an impulse thing (they often are), but I never shook it. I found myself constantly checking to see if it went on clearance.

And then Natalie posted that picture and I realized I wanted this vintagey-looking scarf for my wall. I’ve done my research, I haven’t seen a company who sells Canadian flag scarves (that aren’t complete cheese) and any vintage flags cost a fortune!

And then today, as my Southern neighbours spilled over with pride, I got back in front of the computer, and ripped the bandaid: 5-7 business days until it arrives.

So now I am on this Canadiana kick. I was on Etsy last night and absolutely swooning my swooner off over this:

I think I might have started something. A new obsession if you will.

Seriously, you should check out White Faux Taxidermy– it’s only a matter of time before I order something!!!!

Images: 1. 2.3



  1. I borrowed a cool book from the library for our Canada homeschool studies. It’s huge and beautiful and I wanted to keep it. It’s called “The Maple Leaf Forever, a celebration of Canadian symbols” by Donna Farron Hutchins. Check it out! 🙂

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