Screw it.

I am back from 8 FULL DAYS with the husband, Sounds cheesy. I know. But the guy keeps me balanced (and I know i do the same for him). The guy makes me laugh, and tells me “it’ll be ok” all.the.time. And mostly, he’s right. Things don’t have to be so perfect most of the time.


I kind of apologize for taking the last 5 weeks off. But really, let’s be honest: you took the last 5 weeks off too.


I finally got around to going back through my archives and deleting all those picture and links that got destroyed by pinterest’s new formatting. I’m pretty much over it. That teaches me for showing you what I am inspired by. Now I’ll just show you the final product and give no credit to the original source of inspiration…


….okay, so I am still beyond pissed, but I’m now ready to deal with it, so we’ll just go from here. One of the things (amongst a million) that i have been able to be “in” on in my internship is a lot of the marketing meetings around the website and digital media at my job and one of the things I learned was that Google will decrease your “points” if you have “spiders” (links that lead no where: aka- my pineterest links that were suddenly broken that fateful day that they switched their formatting).


It’s all good. I deleted a shit ton of posts. Broke my heart a little and enraged me a lot, but I’ll work it out.


can assure you that I am back. I’ve got a game plan now and a lot of inspiration. clearly, I am heading bac to school which means that once a week is very doable and everything beyond that is bonus… because I’ll also be working as a design apprentice while I supplement with school. That’s right: foot is fully in the door. I am well on my way to a designer. Thrilling and chilling. All in one.


Also, stay tuned, theres a side job/company about to be launched by Sept 1st (at latest).






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