My First.

Here it is. My first project. You’ll get to see all the before and afters. I think it’s going to be a pretty great little Reno. I say “little” because the only room that is getting a brand new layout is the kitchen, but the entire place has been gutted. All the finishes are being updated and we are converting a bathtub into a luxury shower (bathtubs are becoming far less common).

It’s one of the bosses rental homes. He’s fixing it up to sell, so it’s the perfect job for yours truly to take on the lead without having to deal with overly picky clients. He’s putting me through the ringer with timeline though. I’ve been on the project for 8 days and by next week, I’ll probably be finished almost all the design work and ordering. I’m not completely on my own. I have been coached along like crazy by Becky. I can’t say enough great things about the girl. She’s been endlessly patient with me and so crazy encouraging. Today I had a moment that I couldn’t pull through. I was struggling through specing a gas fireplace insert, and I just couldn’t figure out what the face-plate dimensions should be for the opening in the wall. I called Becky and she dropped everything to come on site to explain it and figure out what should be ordered… “Dog eat dog” is not part of her credo.

I could keep writing for hours about my gratitude to that woman, but another long day lies ahead. So I’ll let my eyes finally close and I’ll tell myself that short, regular posts are better, and make it ok to to the bulk of my posts from my phone because you can only do what you can do.




    • Anna- you’re totally right. I will put some of the before pictures up, and I think the afters will really be impressive (mainly in the kitchen). Our whole office has kinda fell in love with this little house. I told the boss that we should convert it into our company office- he said he would love to, but the city would never go for the zoning.

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