What Dreams May Come.

There is no worse thing than when your brain hits a wall. Sitting here struggling over a concept statement for my class. I’ve spent much of the evening collecting images and writing words and associations down as they come to me, but I feel like I’ve jinxed myself. Once you start pressuring that creative being inside, it runs and hides as if playing a game of hide-and-seek. Think it’s time to quit for the night. Wash some dishes and pack a lunch for tomorrow. Hopefully it comes to me in the middle of the night… it would be fitting, as my concept is around dreams.

I m trying to find the words to describe that moment when dreams and consciousness collide, that moment you slip off the edge and tumble down the rabbit hole, or find yourself soaring over clock-towers to Never Never Land…

Or maybe my concept statement just hit. When I started this post, I was approaching it from the other end, that moment of waking. Of dawn, when perhaps the story lies in the dusk.

The photo above has nothing to do with my project. I am designing a Santa Monica beach house. That image is all for me. Really finding some solstice there.

Now to turn that statement into a space.

(I do not know the original source of the image. I found it here).


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  1. Hi. It’s Anita, Ashley’s friend. I’m wondering if I could steal you for a coffee sometime to ask you a bunch of NZ questions. You can contact me through my blog. Hope you guys are doing super!

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