Wedding Belle.

After spending the night on a yoga mat by my toilet on Thursday last week, and an entire day in bed on Friday, I rallied Saturday morning and spent a 13 hr day at our cousin’s wedding putting together the decor for the ceremony and reception. The bride and groom are a young couple, and working with a really tight budget, so we borrowed a ton of lanterns and fairy lights to give the space sparkle and romance. I mentioned that I had been asked to make the veil…. I will just say, looks easy enough, but sooooo not. I remade it twice, and wanted to throw it across the room on numerous occasions. French netting is not for beginners- it HATES being told what to do.


I created a “love is sweet” bunting for the front of the candy table with white washed burlap.


The venue was brilliant, the chapel upstairs and the reception hall downstairs, so we ran all the decor from the ceremony downstairs to the reception and decorated on the fly while everyone enjoyed some appys. Scotty played the role of MC and absolutely nailed it. The man is such a charmer. He had people laughing continuously, and men going as far as putting lipstick on and running across the room all in competition to try to get their table at the front of the dinner buffet line. If I could pick one moment, the one that stuck out and let me cross my goal of “see/experience something beautiful” on a near daily basis, it would be the bride, saying her vows through tears, taking moments to breathe and softly sob. I was so touched by the depth of love she had for him. It was so raw. So palpable. She was completely lost in that moment- committing herself to a life shared with her new husband.


The isle was lined with lanterns and luminares and sprigs of metallic evergreen. The ceremony didn’t start until 4:30, so it was so dark and romantic with all the candle light. After the ceremony I created clusters of lanterns on bar stools to give the reception hall that same feeling.

I didn’t get much of a chance to take many photos of the decor or wedding party- I was busy running around decorating and then was completely wiped after i finished, but I trust the photographers caught some great images that I will eventually be able to get a hold of.


After the wedding, guests gushed to the bride’s mother about how fun and lively the MC was. He really was such a pro- I really wasn’t surprised.


Fairy light backdrop. Cheap and cheerful.



Fa La La.

I believe I am finally through the crazy with school. Last weekend was spent indoors not sleeping. I wrote a midterm (yes, this late, due to strikes), handed in a 14-page report on glass application in interiors (everything from tile, to mirror to architectural glass) as well as a life-cycle analysis (where it comes from and where it ends up after use, and whether we believe it to be sustainable), did two presentations (one group, one solo- apparently the solo one put me in the running for a scholarship?) and wrote a final exam.

On Wednesday I decorated.

With everything going on with this strike (two of my classes have been extended a week, which means I am done on the 17th instead of the 10th… lame), and the possibility that there will be another strike on Monday (so an incomplete letter grade in two of my classes is still a possibility)- a day filled with decorating and zero schoolwork was just what I needed. I’ve also been summoned for jury duty come January. I MAY be able to get out of it due to being a student, but it’s not guaranteed (meaning I may have to withdraw from school). I’m taking this all to mean that maybe there are other opportunities out there for me. Last night I made a connection about a decorator looking to hire downtown, and my new boss is going to send out some emails to designers he’s worked with in the restaurant industry downtown seeing if I can get an internship.

So everything is up in the air. Something will work out. I’m remaining open to any path. I know that design doesn’t necessarily need a degree: it’s all about the portfolio and the networking, so we’ll see what the coming weeks bring.

In any case, here’s the apartment. Decked for the holidays. I’m having a bit of a hate for tree skirts. Haven’t come across any ideas that I love, but I also hate the plastic tree legs. I kicked some extra ornaments under the tree and think I might be able to make something out of ornaments to cover up the bottom of the tree. Kinda have the same issue with stockings, so I reverted to the original tradition of using actual socks. Picked up 3 pairs for $3. We have a lot of vintage decorations, so it kinda goes, especially with the vintage hanger.

























IDS West

Last night was the opening of the Interior Design Show West down at the Vancouver Convention Center. There were so many great things to look at. Three and a half hour flew by and I had managed to collect more than 20 lbs of catalogues, business cards and brochures. I took a lot of pictures, and I fawned over a lot of things. Looking at just one piece would blossom into the mental building up of a space around it. So much fun.20120928-100022.jpg


If you get a chance to head down there this weekend, I suggest you do (if you’re interested in that kind of thing). The dominant theme was wood. Lots and lots of wood. What I find incredible about it (other than the amazing natural patterns in it) is that one cannot help but touch it when they see it. It’s like a magnet… you just have to run your hand over it. There’s a connection to it.

Then there was the dress at the Norburn Lighting and Bath which was dripping in Swarovski crystals (and worth $20,000). I went a little cuckoo over the little Swarovski pendant lights hanging around it.



There were lots of great products, ideas and emerging designers/stores/companies that deserve a closer look, but that’s for another day. I gotta go downtown and collect some fabric samples for my presentation on Alpaca fibre due Monday.