I’m Sorry (I’m Not Sorry).

Day 3 of the cleanse is wrapping up in a puddle of weakness.

But when you find yourself in Fort Langley being charmed off your feet, you throw caution to the wind and say “one scoop of cotton candy.”


I’m weak. Oh well.

Becky and I found a lovely man who owns a Christmas Tree farm and sells live-edge slices of wood. We originally bought one to sand and finish for the design office reception area, but Becky went crazy with her belt sander and got bit by the furniture bug. We drove back out and bought 4 more slabs to fix up and sell. We also nabbed a bag of slices to make coasters.

True to her country girl, cute, yet rough and tumble nature, Becky already got us invited to sell our wares at the Christmas craft fair at the farm this winter.

I’ll find time to apprentice, do school and start a hobby company without any problem right?



I Still Have Dirt Under My Nails.

After I walked out of my summer semester at BCIT, I drove myself to Value Village and picked up some clear glass containers. I have long been admiring all the pretty little terrariums scattered just about everywhere I looked (it’s insane how expensive a “done up” one can be) and I had a bag of soil sitting on my deck waiting for me.




I couldn’t decide between the pack of mini horses and the mini dinosaurs at the dollar store, so I bought both. In a perfect world, I would’ve found the moose and grizzly bear I had hoped for (yeah, this Canadiana thing is real).




I have collected far too many little cacti. My bar cart and credenza are literally over-flowing with them. I’ve now started avoiding the floral section at the grocery store… it’s far too tempting.

Another Way to Waste a Day.

I’ve been keeping a distance. This website is in line to become my newest addiction:


The home is the center of our lives. It can and should be a more creative, functional and beautiful place for us to spend our time. The tutorials, apps, and products that we suggest here on Brit + Co. are designed with that philosophy in mind.- Brit + Co, ‘About Us’

The creator, a digital age domestic goddess, used to work for Google, so she has her ear to the ground on the best technology to help you run your home in the simplest of ways (cooking and grocery shopping apps, for example) which she has titled “home hacks” (ways to do it more simply and quickly).

But for me, it’s all the DIY’s, the Decor and the PARTIES!!!


It’s layout is more Martha Stewart dot com- it fills that Magazine hole in my heart (I STILL love print, and I feel sad about always finding everything online all the time). They comb the web for the good stuff and give you the links where to find it (because how many of us have been led on one of those wild goose-chases when pinterest doesn’t exactly lead you to what you were hoping for?). It’s another site to put in that back pocket and then cruise on a lazy saturday morning with your cup of coffee (which I anticipate will lead to one of those craft black-outs where next thing you know, it’s 1 am and your apartment is one giant craftermath).

I think their party-section deserves a little extra praise because my dream life involves an awful lot of dinner parties.

All images via Brit + Co Website

Creating Purpose.

There is a use for everything under the sun. There is also a fine line between being a crafty mind that sees a potential use in everything and being a hoarder. I believe I am safe because my need for tidiness outweighs my need to keep everything.

A major peeve of mine is the “throw away” culture that consumes the North American lifestyle. We buy cheap trendy clothes with the awareness that we’ll hate it in a year, but it’s okay because it was cheap (I am soooo guilty of this, but I do hate it when I catch myself doing it). We buy stuff for now and not for the future. And I am convinced it’s not just about looking for a deal. I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that we don’t want to commit to anything. If we shell out a fortune for a couch that will last us years (and likely save us a lot of money) it means we have to commit beyond the five years that you’ll get out of that ho-hum couch that came with a free tv.

I could go on and on and on.

Some people look at me like I am craaaaazy for wanting to find hand-me-downs to furnish my apartment (they quickly change their tune when they see it). I love that there has been a past life- it has so many stories to tell. I love the character. I love the quality (they used to make things to last). I love that I am keeping things out of the landfills (does anyone else get a sinking feeling when they tie up a bag of garbage and then think about the fact that what is in that bag is going to be put in a pile and it just has to sit there? And we do that week after week, year after year).

Things like this  mattress springs peg board thrill me. I’ve always been that person who likes to find totally different uses for things. To keep the things that are no longer needed and create new purpose for them. I remember the lamp shade I made out of the handfuls of negatives we had kicking around the house. Even now, I’m giving my grade 6 self a high-five for that idea.

And what really blows my mind is all the new stuff that is being sold for way too much money that is made to look old (the chipped paint, scratched, and dents in the shabby chic furniture stores). If people only knew that they could get the real deal at the thrift shop down the street, and that drawer pulls and handles are the easiest things to switch out. I’m not saying that everything has to be used, but maybe we could give things a second chance from time to time.

Image via chictip

Find Your Seats.

Plastic toy horses spray-painted and made into place cards! How brilliant is that? When you open the floor to any plastic toy (like T-Rex), it begins to get even more fun.


I have 3 weeks left in my summer school semester! I think I’m due to host some sort of party as a “thank you for not hating me because I’ve been too busy to see you” kind of thing.

Image via

I Need a Chainsaw

Will raw cuts of wood ever go off trend? I can’t picture it. I am STILL on the hunt for a round olive wood cutting board. Through my past year of design school I have come to understand finishes a lot more than I used to (and I realize there is so much to learn). There is sa big world beyond cursory painted walls and wood floors: porcelain wall tiles for the bathroom that look like wood planks, a lightweight plaster that can be washed onto walls to make them look like concrete, stainless steel ceiling tiles, seagrass wall coverings….. and on and on and on. It’s this realization that there is so much more to choose from that has made this girl become rather enchanted with industrial design. There’s not much carpet and painted walls to be found. What happens is that a grouping of the simplest forms become intriguing through a gorgeous wood grain set against a fluid looking steel, set against a sleek concrete set against a rustic crumbing brick…. and you get it. The popularity of raw wood cuts (birch trunk side tables, coasters cut from tree branches etc.) plays into this understanding that things don’t have to be intricate to be interesting. Interest can be built from material and the resulting contrast of mixed finishes.

Does it sound like I’m learning something?

I am finished my semester at the end of June, and i think this is going to go on the list of “to create” once I am no longer bogged down with drafting. A cluster of three would be divine.

Image Via

Your Outfit Would Look Amazing On My Wall

Perhaps it is because it brings to mind the tiny closet-less apartments you read about in Paris, or just that I like having an excuse for making those vintage purchases I am quite sure I’ll never wear, but I am rather fond of decor that involves displaying some of your most loved clothes. I’m not talking about your favourite pair of jeans or your favourite sweater- I’m talking about that dress that makes you sigh deeply or your mom’s vintage jacket. It seems a shame to hide them in the back of your closet. Last summer I converted a simple set of ikea shelves into a little garment rack so that I could hang my dresses out in the open. I am a pretty serious thrifter, and I’ve come across the most amazing vintage pieces from time to time (a 1940’s wedding dress, this ballet tutu I bought when we lived in New Zealand, a red petticoat and various sequined things)- I see the art in clothing, and I admit that I am a bit of a collector (if I had the money and space, I probably would be a lot of a collector).

Whether it’s dresses, hats, shoes, or a collection of vintage levi’s- I say pull that stuff out of the closet and put it on display.


Look at the spread on that skirt! I would love to see something similar with a black dress in a black and white colour scheme. Tres Parisian!


And leave it to the BRILLIANT girls at A Beautiful Mess (seriously, is anyone getting sick of me singing these girls’ praises?) to come up with a cute idea of using 3M removable adhesive squares and clothes pegs to create such a cute way to display your hats.


Pinterest is choc-a-bloc full of ideas for DIY clothes racks. If I had my choice, it would be this DIY done with bright copper pipes and black wood.

The genius’ at Droog have created a lamp that allows you to use your own clothes as the lamp shade- very cute for the corner of a room (something lace and embroidered would look incredible).

And I’ll leave you with the Snake Wardrobe- a strand jumbo of beechwood beads that can be strung any where you like:

This ‘occasional wardrobe’ is perfect when you have limited space or simply want to keep your favourite garments in sight.

(from the Story North Website)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Simple, unexpected and sweetly playful.

Now go get into your closet and Coveteur yo’self.

Sources (clockwise from top left for collages):

Little Deck.

It’s been two weeks.

I’ve given up social media for lent.

I’ve finally gotten out of the habit of mindlessly opening facebook or instagram any time I get around a computer. Can’t say I really miss facebook all that much, but Instagram, that’s my favourite.

That being said, I’ve swapped one thing for another. I used to wake up and enjoy my coffee while scrolling through my social media accounts- now, I’m on Houzz and Pinterest until I can’t take the inspiration any longer and disappear into a cloud of I’m-Making-Something-Here chaos.

So far I’ve managed to make three pieces of art for my wall; reupholster my dining room chairs, vanity stool and craft room chair; make a throw pillow; bring a lot fo gold into our apartment by spray painting candle holders, picture frames, and lamp bases, as well as fill a corner of the dining room with gold vinyl stickers. I have also cleaned out every closet in my apartment, baked a lemon pound cake and some bannock, and made two adorable necklaces out of one that I never wear.

(Scotty has been so amazed with my reawakened craftyness that, rumour has it, he’s been posting pictures of it to my Instagram)

Now I have my eye on my patio. I want to grow some veggies in pots and have a killer herb garden. I also want to pot some fragrant flowers so that they fill our bedroom, through an open window, with fragrance every night in the summer.

So far I’m thinking that I need to hit the second hand shops for pots, stands and something I can use for a lattice. And then I need to find some sort of fabric for outdoor pillows.

I have some old wicker furniture that is in great shape, but soooo faded- I think I’m going to try to repaint it (once I settle on a colour). Being that we have a south facing apartment, our balcony is the perfect place to be on a sunny day, but I wouldn’t mind a little more privacy. One person on pinterest suggested that a cheap divider could be made out of dowling and a couple canvas drop cloths from a hardware store! That brilliant idea paired with this (Martha’s Done It Again)- might be a dream come true- and maybe it’d work for some outdoor throw pillows too?

Images Via:

Wedding Belle.

After spending the night on a yoga mat by my toilet on Thursday last week, and an entire day in bed on Friday, I rallied Saturday morning and spent a 13 hr day at our cousin’s wedding putting together the decor for the ceremony and reception. The bride and groom are a young couple, and working with a really tight budget, so we borrowed a ton of lanterns and fairy lights to give the space sparkle and romance. I mentioned that I had been asked to make the veil…. I will just say, looks easy enough, but sooooo not. I remade it twice, and wanted to throw it across the room on numerous occasions. French netting is not for beginners- it HATES being told what to do.


I created a “love is sweet” bunting for the front of the candy table with white washed burlap.


The venue was brilliant, the chapel upstairs and the reception hall downstairs, so we ran all the decor from the ceremony downstairs to the reception and decorated on the fly while everyone enjoyed some appys. Scotty played the role of MC and absolutely nailed it. The man is such a charmer. He had people laughing continuously, and men going as far as putting lipstick on and running across the room all in competition to try to get their table at the front of the dinner buffet line. If I could pick one moment, the one that stuck out and let me cross my goal of “see/experience something beautiful” on a near daily basis, it would be the bride, saying her vows through tears, taking moments to breathe and softly sob. I was so touched by the depth of love she had for him. It was so raw. So palpable. She was completely lost in that moment- committing herself to a life shared with her new husband.


The isle was lined with lanterns and luminares and sprigs of metallic evergreen. The ceremony didn’t start until 4:30, so it was so dark and romantic with all the candle light. After the ceremony I created clusters of lanterns on bar stools to give the reception hall that same feeling.

I didn’t get much of a chance to take many photos of the decor or wedding party- I was busy running around decorating and then was completely wiped after i finished, but I trust the photographers caught some great images that I will eventually be able to get a hold of.


After the wedding, guests gushed to the bride’s mother about how fun and lively the MC was. He really was such a pro- I really wasn’t surprised.


Fairy light backdrop. Cheap and cheerful.