A Case of the “As Soon As”

The exam went… um… fine. I am sure I did well, but I still HATE having to just throw something together. There’s time-management and then theres just plain sloppy. I can’t even tell you how many times the project management triangle philosophy runs through my mind- I saw it in a movie once (I wish I could remember what it was!) and it has totally stuck with me.

Now that I’m finished, I’ve been staying up way too late following through on things I promised people I would help them out with as soon as I finished this semester. I was running around until after 10 pm last night trying to source flooring samples for a friend’s condo (he’s fixing it up to sell), and tonight I have been fighting with the square footages and trying to figure out where the transitions should go (he’s been given solid hard wood left-overs and it seems a shame not to use them, but the challenge is not letting them look too patch-work-ish (the general rule of thumb is that you should not use more than 3 different flooring type in one home… I’m not even done school and already I’m breaking the rules- I think I figured out a pretty great way to do 4 and not make it feel disjointed.

I have been rethinking this blog thing. Now that pinterest has changed, every image I embedded from that site (but linked it to it’s source) is now an ugly broken link.

Not pretty.

Not impressed.

The other side of it is that showing products/companies (like I did with Propellor lighting) is entirely different than showing things from someone’s portfolio (art, photography, design). So, now that i’m getting a bit more of a hang for this design blog, I’m tightening up and figuring out how to go about it properly- which probably means less of a tumblr approach. I can’t say what that will look like, but things are ever-changing and ever-growing.

Anyways, moving on,

Yesterday I assisted our graphic designer/photographer/media relations head and one of the designers to do a shoot on one of the finished homes. Let’s just say, yesterday was a great day. Came out pretty inspired.

Another thing that’s inspiring me is this bookshelf from Restoration Hardware. I find open shelving so hard to work with because it tends to make a space look cluttered. The screens on this 19th C Notary Bookcase are the perfect middle ground. They hide and display.

That table is also amazing!

Ok. I’ve gotta research lettering. I have some banners to make for a friend’s high school reunion.

Good Night.

Image from Restoration Hardware


The Butterfly and the Bell Table.

A morning dose of furniture art.

Sebastian Herkner designed these sleek, elegant glass tables that almost appear to defy gravity. It is as if the metal top is floating on top of the clear base. And the jewel tones seem like a bit of a 1980’s throwback while the shape screams 1960’s modernism.

This emerald and gold combo has got to be my favourite colour combination. If you have the time to browse some really great furniture, I suggest you head on over to the Classicon Website and browse their pdf catalogues. So many good lines and very creative functionality. Trust me, you’ll be inspired: these tables are but a tip of the iceberg of this company’s wares.

Images via Classicon website

French Black

Just when you think this space couldn’t get any better, you look at the little stove reflected in the mirror.

It’s settled. I need a flat in Paris.


Image via

IDS West

Last night was the opening of the Interior Design Show West down at the Vancouver Convention Center. There were so many great things to look at. Three and a half hour flew by and I had managed to collect more than 20 lbs of catalogues, business cards and brochures. I took a lot of pictures, and I fawned over a lot of things. Looking at just one piece would blossom into the mental building up of a space around it. So much fun.20120928-100022.jpg


If you get a chance to head down there this weekend, I suggest you do (if you’re interested in that kind of thing). The dominant theme was wood. Lots and lots of wood. What I find incredible about it (other than the amazing natural patterns in it) is that one cannot help but touch it when they see it. It’s like a magnet… you just have to run your hand over it. There’s a connection to it.

Then there was the dress at the Norburn Lighting and Bath which was dripping in Swarovski crystals (and worth $20,000). I went a little cuckoo over the little Swarovski pendant lights hanging around it.



There were lots of great products, ideas and emerging designers/stores/companies that deserve a closer look, but that’s for another day. I gotta go downtown and collect some fabric samples for my presentation on Alpaca fibre due Monday.