“Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice

Bye bye blogger.
You lost me at “you are out of free photo storage space, please pay monthly for more.”

I have four days left in my summer school semester. I should be writing papers and preparing a power point presentation, but I would rather start a new blog.

This one’s for me. It’s a collection of inspirations, ideas and curios- a record of inspirations.

Right now, my brain and heart are all a flutter with Phillipe Starck. My presentation on Monday is to be about “what inspires you as a designer?”

What doesn’t?

Many times I have felt uneasy about going into design as a career due to the overly materialistic nature of it. I love to create, but I also love people. I wanna be Mother Teresa and a designer. Hypocritical- I know- but that doesn’t stop my heart from living and loving in both worlds.

So, inspired by Philippe Starck’s democracy of design (I’ll get to that later- it’s so good)- I have decided that I’m gonna be a hypocrite. I think I was made for this role. I’m gonna dream of building beautiful spaces (museums, restaurants, hotels) that ignite dreams in the people who go there, and I am going to fight for the environment, for those foster kids that my heart shattered for, and for anything else that pulls at my heart.

I’m gonna be a walking contradiction that no one can figure out or fit in a box.

And I’m gonna do it well.

Below are a few pictures of the budget Parisian hotel, Mama Shelter. Despite his fame, Philippe Starck is no design snob. His mission has been to bring good design to the most people (remove the elitist attitude that the good stuff is for the rich). There are two locations (Paris and Marseille) where you can get a room for around $100/night.