Good Pipes.

Looking at this photo, it seems a shame that we hide all our pipes behind the wall. I have a major love for metallic and industrial interiors, so clearly I’m biased, but this faucet system kills it for me.

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If I Had the Space

I would totally be ripping this idea off immediately. I made a vinyl sign in our kitchen that reads “RecepciĆ³n” as a rebellion against the small space we actually inhabit. Plus, I wiiiiiiish I could speak Spanish. When Penelope Cruz gets going with her native tongue I go bananas with envy. I think tantrums would be immeasurably more effective if I could switch over to Spanish and just have a go.

In any case, this picture is a great start to something good. One of those ideas I need to put in my back pocket for another rental (we’re lifers- we live in one of the most expensive places in the world- and I’m ok with that) sometime in our future.

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And There You Have It.

I never cared much about flatware. We didn’t register for any when we got married.

But I can almost bet food tastes better off gold flatware, or at least you would want to Instagram your fork every time you had a meal.




So now I wish I was getting married now and could register for gold flatware. Everything in my kitchen would bow to my jars of gold knives, forks and spoons.


I’m keeping the mish-mash of cutlery we have now. It’s perfectly fine, but maybe I’ll get myself a gold spoon or fork, just one, and my ramen noodles will taste amazing off it.

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