Mood Board: Set Sail.

I’ve wanted an anchor tattoo for quite some time (don’t worry mom, I won’t), and I have such a fondness for ropes (and the millions of knots). While we were in Fiji (an extended stop over on our way to New Zealand), we met a family who quit their jobs, sold their house in Alberta and moved down to Florida where they took sailing courses and then bought a boat and took off to live on the sea. We met them two years deep. Their boys spent the days “at sea” doing homeschool, and when they found a spot to drop anchor, they learned culture, history and made new friends all over the world. And boy, did these kids know how to play. I often wonder what growing up surrounded by technology might do to imagination. Parts of me feel sad when I see little kids staring at a screen rather than elbow-deep in paints, playdough and bits of paper.

One morning I watched these boys (both under the age of 10) beg for empty liquor bottles from the bartender. They filled them with sand, and then they took rope and tied one to each end of a stick. They took turns “spotting” each other as they bench pressed their newly created barbell.

How awesome is that?

A sailing trip is definitely on the bucket list (even if only for a few days). Being West coast girl means that I feel such a deep connection with the ocean. To tuck in and wake up surrounded by blue water is the best kind of dream.

In my design theory class last fall, my teacher was talking about places that she finds inspiration (she’s worked for some very big commercial design firms). One of them really stuck with me: cars. She pointed out the functionality that was fit into such a small space, the ergonomics and space planning (how everything is organized very intuitively), the lines and the finishes. It totally got me thinking, and that’s when I noticed boats. The concepts that can be built around the image of a beautiful boat are breath-taking. The finishes, colours and clean lines really inspire.




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Mood Board: Set the Table

Spring has seriously sprung over here on the Westcoast. No jacket, no sleeves, no pants (I can finally wear dresses!) kind of sprung.Spring fever has really taken over me and I am feeling so inspired by all the easter tablescapes running through me feed on Pinterest. Pastels and floral have made a major comeback in fashion and interiors, so Easter decor seems to be prettier than ever.




It’s not just Easter that I am thinking about. I’ve got terracotta pots that could use a splash of colour and a little desk that needs to be stripped and refinished in the worst way. These little mood boards get me excited about using pastels around my own house and in projects for school.I love the unfussy nature of these images, and how unapologetically pretty a pastel palette can be.

I especially love mixing the masculine industrial style with a feminine pastel palette. Swoon.

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