Inspiration Spark: Max Wanger

My walls have died.

Sometimes you come across something that is just so right. It sparks something. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you can feel a little fire in your belly… the prints (including polaroid scans) by Max Wanger just sparked me.

You’ll recognize this one from my last post. After seeing bri’s dining room (the image that really got me), I became an instant fan.

His use of negative space is absolutely brilliant. It tells such a different story, the ones where the image is in the bottom portion of the photo give a lofty sense to the images- like being a little kid and staring up at that huge sky, and the images off to the side bring a sense of thought into the picture, like there is lots going on inside the mind of the subject.


The colours, and blurred lines  of his polaroid scans bring life to the images.


Washed out, over exposed images make it seem as if the subject is disappearing- like they are in the process of transformation.


I love the world through Max Wanger’s eyes, such an inspiration. His lifestyle photos really ignite a romance with photography. When I finish this semester, I think I’ll need to spend a day with my camera.



All images from Max Wanger Print Shop and Blog


I Shot A Pregnant Lady

I am by no means a photographer. I don’t know what I am doing behind the lens, and I am a total amature at photoshop, but not everyone can afford to get professional pictures done and there are milestones just that need to be captured on film.

One of my darling friends is expecting her first baby in November. She’s absolutely glowing and completely over the moon about this little bundle but she hasn’t got a money tree in her back yard either (where do people get those?), so I offered to do a little shoot before I went to school on Tuesday… maybe I can use it in my portfolio (win-win). I had one idea that did not work at all- we both ended up in tears. Hysterical tears. The photos were that bad. But, man, I would pay good money for a laugh like that. All the pressure of work and school and money worries just floated away. There’s something to be said for laugh therapy- probably the most releasing thing ever.

ps- if you’re needing some window/wall art that’s insanely cheap, head to your local thrift shop and get a couple doilies and assorted sized embroidery hoops, pull a doily tight over the hoop, tighten the hoop real good and then trim the excess off- you could also use images from old t-shirts (think rolling stones etc). Thrift shops are full of doilies and hoops because grandmas are down-sizing- super cheap and very easy to diy.