I’m Sorry (I’m Not Sorry).

Day 3 of the cleanse is wrapping up in a puddle of weakness.

But when you find yourself in Fort Langley being charmed off your feet, you throw caution to the wind and say “one scoop of cotton candy.”


I’m weak. Oh well.

Becky and I found a lovely man who owns a Christmas Tree farm and sells live-edge slices of wood. We originally bought one to sand and finish for the design office reception area, but Becky went crazy with her belt sander and got bit by the furniture bug. We drove back out and bought 4 more slabs to fix up and sell. We also nabbed a bag of slices to make coasters.

True to her country girl, cute, yet rough and tumble nature, Becky already got us invited to sell our wares at the Christmas craft fair at the farm this winter.

I’ll find time to apprentice, do school and start a hobby company without any problem right?



Tonight I Swore Like a Sailor

And I challenge you to make this recipe and not do the same when you sit down to eat it.


I love to cook. I adore it, but I have been terrible at finding the time to do the things I love. Tonight I got home and began pulling things out of the fridge/freezer and my cupboards. I noticed I had both white wine AND carrot juice in my fridge (what are the chances?), and this recipe for a seafood hot pot started to burn hole in my stomach. I only had prawns and cod, but I felt ok with that.

I love movies like “No Reservations” and “Julie and Julia” that make the simple act of sitting down to a plate of food look like the most pleasurable experience. I love the sensuality and intimacy of food.



Everyone has to grocery shop. Everyone has to eat. Tonight it was so gosh darn enjoyable. I do not hesitate to say that this is one of my top favourite dishes I have ever made.

It triggered a memory. It reminded me how much I love the simple pleasure of preparing food, and how a following a really great recipe can be such a great way to unwind after work.