The Process

It’s ok when you fall in love with your own creation right?

We’ve been challenged to make models in our design theory class using simple poster board and masking tape. The whole purpose is to document our creative process. If you can believe it, I started my very first sketch drawing 7 circles linked together in a chain 1-dimensionally, and 7 days later ended up with this. Tonight I have been experimenting with light in it and I’m just adoring what I am getting in my photographs of it.



What has been so cool about it is that our teacher told us to just draw shapes, to ignore the idea of an end product, and just allow the structure come to us through exploration of positive and negative space. She said “I guarantee that if you don’t rush the process to the final product, you will come up with something so much better.”

Creative process. No limits. No goals. Just creativity for the sake of creativity. I’ve never done that before. Such a freeing and exciting experience.