Six Things

1. Amongst other things, I am currently in the middle of mono-chroming the bar cart I scored at our local thrift store a few months ago. I wish that I had used spray paint to do it, but I don’t have the luxury of a yard. I thought it would be a pain to load it into the car and drive it over to the inlaws yard. Turns out, painting it with a tiny brush and having to put 4 layers on is far more painful. Next time I will not hesitate to leave spray paint stains all over the front rockery.


2. I’ve been salivating over all those textured throw pillows bombarding my pinterest feed. In a moment of desperation (I was waiting on some friends to call to let me know what time to meet them for a drink), I grabbed the nearest textured thing (a rug) and turned it into two throw pillows (I never got called: burn- but I had two new throw pillows: win). And don’t worry. The rug was clean. Kinda.

3. With all these cooler temperatures, my feet were beginning to beg for a cozy rug. Something fuzzy. I pocketed some tip money and traded it for a flokati rug. After all, I was down a rug, so it only made sense to replace it.

4. I’m not allowed to paint. I’m not allowed to wallpaper, but I am allowed to sticker. I bought a couple sheets of vinyl at Michael’s and cut out hundreds of little triangles. One bedroom wall and the window overhang are now faux-papered.

5. I finally fixed our cuckoo clock. I hung it up last night. I turned it off an hour after going to bed. That cuckoo’ing is only cute during daytime hours.

6. I cleaned up in the sweater department at Value Village. Nothing motivates a closet clean out like having to make space for “new” clothes. Which is where I’ll be for the rest of the night.