Thankful Like Dr Seuss is Thankful.



Outfit Change: From Designer, Back to Student.

Quick transition from work week to student life. I tend to feel a little disjointed on Thursday nights. I’m emerging from 4 days, 11-ish hours long (which now have an few hours of homework following them), and then I’ve got the mad dash of finishing up homework (I’m learning how to do “good enough” and not meticulously perfect) and making sure I didn’t miss anything. Last week was a late night because of IDS West and this week was late because one of our suppliers sent Scotty and I to a preseason Canucks game. I’ve never been to a hockey game. Never could stomach those ticket prices, but tonight felt like a real treat even *if* I was working on a little homework in my notebook during parts of the game. It was nice to spend a bit of time with Scotty that wasn’t both of us on our work laptops across the table from each other… Although I do love how we’re both in the same boat this year with making that leap into our new careers. We both come home and tell each other how dumb we felt at work when “x” happened. And then we laugh (to keep from crying… Some nights).
Tonight I did up a personal design statement. I think it turned out ok, I’ll share it this weekend. I also discovered iTunes festival… Has this been around forever? I’m probably so late to the “show” but I’m happy to finally be here. That’s Ellie Goulding belting it out. I think her last two albums were my most listened to this year. Absolutely love her.


For $2


Found these at the thrift shop today. Never knew you could get glass lids on them. Can’t wait to do this Pinterest idea with them, then after that, fill them with valentines candy.