Fa La La.

I believe I am finally through the crazy with school. Last weekend was spent indoors not sleeping. I wrote a midterm (yes, this late, due to strikes), handed in a 14-page report on glass application in interiors (everything from tile, to mirror to architectural glass) as well as a life-cycle analysis (where it comes from and where it ends up after use, and whether we believe it to be sustainable), did two presentations (one group, one solo- apparently the solo one put me in the running for a scholarship?) and wrote a final exam.

On Wednesday I decorated.

With everything going on with this strike (two of my classes have been extended a week, which means I am done on the 17th instead of the 10th… lame), and the possibility that there will be another strike on Monday (so an incomplete letter grade in two of my classes is still a possibility)- a day filled with decorating and zero schoolwork was just what I needed. I’ve also been summoned for jury duty come January. I MAY be able to get out of it due to being a student, but it’s not guaranteed (meaning I may have to withdraw from school). I’m taking this all to mean that maybe there are other opportunities out there for me. Last night I made a connection about a decorator looking to hire downtown, and my new boss is going to send out some emails to designers he’s worked with in the restaurant industry downtown seeing if I can get an internship.

So everything is up in the air. Something will work out. I’m remaining open to any path. I know that design doesn’t necessarily need a degree: it’s all about the portfolio and the networking, so we’ll see what the coming weeks bring.

In any case, here’s the apartment. Decked for the holidays. I’m having a bit of a hate for tree skirts. Haven’t come across any ideas that I love, but I also hate the plastic tree legs. I kicked some extra ornaments under the tree and think I might be able to make something out of ornaments to cover up the bottom of the tree. Kinda have the same issue with stockings, so I reverted to the original tradition of using actual socks. Picked up 3 pairs for $3. We have a lot of vintage decorations, so it kinda goes, especially with the vintage hanger.


























Make Stuff

So my waterless snow globes turned out real cute. Total craft win.