Happy Autumn.

I know I have been acting like it is autumn for weeks now, but today is the first official ay of Autumn. I think that is reason to celebrate a bit. I know that I am going to spend my entire evening on AutoCad, so this morning I am going thrifting followed by a pop into the farmers market for produce and white pumpkins. I know they probably won’t make it to Halloween, but I see it similar to fresh flowers- enjoy them while you can.



I am on the hunt to find a camel wool jacket similar to this one, and some skirts… and jeans. ALWAYS jeans. The Value Village in Richmond can sometimes be crazy for jeans. I’ve found Paige Premium and J Brand for under $15.


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And I Just Squeeked By On Rent.

Thank goodness we both found full-time jobs. We’ve been swimming in a very small pond. It’s been more like a mud pit. Being that we just took one week of unpaid vacation, August was a lot tighter than usual.


I won’t be shopping for a very very very long time, so this jacket is but a dream. But if I had the means to buy more than groceries and toiletries, I think this would be it.