I might have a bit of an instagram obsession. I am constantly looking for new people to follow. I think I follow over 300 people, and that 300 has been in a constant state of rotation. Sometimes I bore of people, sometimes I find a new person that I find inspiring. I am constantly following and unfollowing people.

You wouldn’t believe how many screen shots I take. Sometimes it’s a product to remember, sometimes an outfit and MANY MANY times it’s a photo idea.

I have come to realize that I need photography (and not just iphonography) back in my life. Since I joined the iphone ranks, I have become lazy. I take almost all my photos with an iphone. It can be great for a lot of things, but as far as macro and zoom- it totally sucks. but this post isn’t about that.

I think I was pushed over the edge by all the American pride on my instagram feed today (July 4th), so I finally caved and went for it.

A few weeks back, this adorable New York Blogger posted this photo:

Feeling very inspired, I immediately screen-shot it. This girl has some serious style, and not in a try-hard kind of way. Her style is so honest and imperfect in the most flatteringly free-spirited way. I have long felt very inspired by her little shots of her apartment in NY.

For months I have been eyeing this scarf at Free People. I talked myself down from the ledge, assuming it was an impulse thing (they often are), but I never shook it. I found myself constantly checking to see if it went on clearance.

And then Natalie posted that picture and I realized I wanted this vintagey-looking scarf for my wall. I’ve done my research, I haven’t seen a company who sells Canadian flag scarves (that aren’t complete cheese) and any vintage flags cost a fortune!

And then today, as my Southern neighbours spilled over with pride, I got back in front of the computer, and ripped the bandaid: 5-7 business days until it arrives.

So now I am on this Canadiana kick. I was on Etsy last night and absolutely swooning my swooner off over this:

I think I might have started something. A new obsession if you will.

Seriously, you should check out White Faux Taxidermy– it’s only a matter of time before I order something!!!!

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I Need a Chainsaw

Will raw cuts of wood ever go off trend? I can’t picture it. I am STILL on the hunt for a round olive wood cutting board. Through my past year of design school I have come to understand finishes a lot more than I used to (and I realize there is so much to learn). There is sa big world beyond cursory painted walls and wood floors: porcelain wall tiles for the bathroom that look like wood planks, a lightweight plaster that can be washed onto walls to make them look like concrete, stainless steel ceiling tiles, seagrass wall coverings….. and on and on and on. It’s this realization that there is so much more to choose from that has made this girl become rather enchanted with industrial design. There’s not much carpet and painted walls to be found. What happens is that a grouping of the simplest forms become intriguing through a gorgeous wood grain set against a fluid looking steel, set against a sleek concrete set against a rustic crumbing brick…. and you get it. The popularity of raw wood cuts (birch trunk side tables, coasters cut from tree branches etc.) plays into this understanding that things don’t have to be intricate to be interesting. Interest can be built from material and the resulting contrast of mixed finishes.

Does it sound like I’m learning something?

I am finished my semester at the end of June, and i think this is going to go on the list of “to create” once I am no longer bogged down with drafting. A cluster of three would be divine.

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If I Had the Space

I would totally be ripping this idea off immediately. I made a vinyl sign in our kitchen that reads “Recepción” as a rebellion against the small space we actually inhabit. Plus, I wiiiiiiish I could speak Spanish. When Penelope Cruz gets going with her native tongue I go bananas with envy. I think tantrums would be immeasurably more effective if I could switch over to Spanish and just have a go.

In any case, this picture is a great start to something good. One of those ideas I need to put in my back pocket for another rental (we’re lifers- we live in one of the most expensive places in the world- and I’m ok with that) sometime in our future.

Image via

This’ll Do.

Simple. Unfussy. And those lights? Playful.


I adore the unexpected, and sometimes it can be achieved in the most effortless way- like in the off-center hanging of that vintage map (it looks right because it’s still in line with the center line of the sofa).

Image via

Your Outfit Would Look Amazing On My Wall

Perhaps it is because it brings to mind the tiny closet-less apartments you read about in Paris, or just that I like having an excuse for making those vintage purchases I am quite sure I’ll never wear, but I am rather fond of decor that involves displaying some of your most loved clothes. I’m not talking about your favourite pair of jeans or your favourite sweater- I’m talking about that dress that makes you sigh deeply or your mom’s vintage jacket. It seems a shame to hide them in the back of your closet. Last summer I converted a simple set of ikea shelves into a little garment rack so that I could hang my dresses out in the open. I am a pretty serious thrifter, and I’ve come across the most amazing vintage pieces from time to time (a 1940’s wedding dress, this ballet tutu I bought when we lived in New Zealand, a red petticoat and various sequined things)- I see the art in clothing, and I admit that I am a bit of a collector (if I had the money and space, I probably would be a lot of a collector).

Whether it’s dresses, hats, shoes, or a collection of vintage levi’s- I say pull that stuff out of the closet and put it on display.


Look at the spread on that skirt! I would love to see something similar with a black dress in a black and white colour scheme. Tres Parisian!


And leave it to the BRILLIANT girls at A Beautiful Mess (seriously, is anyone getting sick of me singing these girls’ praises?) to come up with a cute idea of using 3M removable adhesive squares and clothes pegs to create such a cute way to display your hats.


Pinterest is choc-a-bloc full of ideas for DIY clothes racks. If I had my choice, it would be this DIY done with bright copper pipes and black wood.

The genius’ at Droog have created a lamp that allows you to use your own clothes as the lamp shade- very cute for the corner of a room (something lace and embroidered would look incredible).

And I’ll leave you with the Snake Wardrobe- a strand jumbo of beechwood beads that can be strung any where you like:

This ‘occasional wardrobe’ is perfect when you have limited space or simply want to keep your favourite garments in sight.

(from the Story North Website)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Simple, unexpected and sweetly playful.

Now go get into your closet and Coveteur yo’self.

Sources (clockwise from top left for collages):

Inspiration Spark: Max Wanger

My walls have died.

Sometimes you come across something that is just so right. It sparks something. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you can feel a little fire in your belly… the prints (including polaroid scans) by Max Wanger just sparked me.

You’ll recognize this one from my last post. After seeing bri’s dining room (the image that really got me), I became an instant fan.

His use of negative space is absolutely brilliant. It tells such a different story, the ones where the image is in the bottom portion of the photo give a lofty sense to the images- like being a little kid and staring up at that huge sky, and the images off to the side bring a sense of thought into the picture, like there is lots going on inside the mind of the subject.


The colours, and blurred lines  of his polaroid scans bring life to the images.


Washed out, over exposed images make it seem as if the subject is disappearing- like they are in the process of transformation.


I love the world through Max Wanger’s eyes, such an inspiration. His lifestyle photos really ignite a romance with photography. When I finish this semester, I think I’ll need to spend a day with my camera.



All images from Max Wanger Print Shop and Blog

Something Pretty to Stare At

Before Scotty left his job at the sign shop, we inquired about having a vintage map printed for our wall.

I searched a bunch of online image sites and settled on a west/east hemisphere from the 1700’s. We got it printed on a big piece of canvas, and I’m still trying to figure out how best to hang it. I’m thinking of sewing the top and bottom edges and putting a metal tube in it (kinda going for the classroom roll-down map look), but I also want to find and use some vintage bulldog clips.

But for now, it hangs in raw form on the wall.


I’m Sorry, I Just Don’t Feel the Same

I may not have been able to get away this summer, but I did manage to get a lot of projects done during my few weeks between semesters.

One project was covering up that picture from Ikea that everyone owns because it was dirt cheap. Walking past the ground floor of our apartment only made me more bummed out about it. I swear that just about every room has it hanging on the wall. I bought it a few years back and am not attached to it at all, so I decided I wanted to cover it up.

I tried to do a surrealism overlay with acrylics, but it just looked cheap (so I peeled it off). I tried a couple more times with acrylics, but I just couldn’t make it look right.


Attempt four was permanent- chalk board paint. I didn’t realize how toxic the stuff is and made our apartment smell like one giant jiffy marker.


It’s kinda perfect for my ever-changing mind. I can keep erasing and re-doing it according to whatever my inspiration/obsession flavour of the month is (right now it’s the moon- love the moon… and space).