Awe You.

Sometimes it’s just a shelf.

This one has got to be my favourite. I did a bit of de-cluttering between semesters. Learning not to clutter has been a tough one for me. I’m a bit of a collector (packrat).20121016-082327.jpgWe got this amazing film video camera (not sure what the actual name would be?) from Scotty’s grandparents. It still works, but apparently you have to send the film to New York to be developed (it’s a total specialty now).

20121016-082335.jpgEvery time I look at this shelf, I feel good. It’s just so darn adorable. I used trim tape (safe for walls) and cut it into triangles and wallpapered a couple shelves in my IKEA unit. It’s a nice little update to furniture you’re stuck with (it’s not my favourite piece, but it does the job).

Sometimes it’s as simple as a shelf- a spot that makes you kinda proud.