Good Pipes.

Looking at this photo, it seems a shame that we hide all our pipes behind the wall. I have a major love for metallic and industrial interiors, so clearly I’m biased, but this faucet system kills it for me.

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I Need a Chainsaw

Will raw cuts of wood ever go off trend? I can’t picture it. I am STILL on the hunt for a round olive wood cutting board. Through my past year of design school I have come to understand finishes a lot more than I used to (and I realize there is so much to learn). There is sa big world beyond cursory painted walls and wood floors: porcelain wall tiles for the bathroom that look like wood planks, a lightweight plaster that can be washed onto walls to make them look like concrete, stainless steel ceiling tiles, seagrass wall coverings….. and on and on and on. It’s this realization that there is so much more to choose from that has made this girl become rather enchanted with industrial design. There’s not much carpet and painted walls to be found. What happens is that a grouping of the simplest forms become intriguing through a gorgeous wood grain set against a fluid looking steel, set against a sleek concrete set against a rustic crumbing brick…. and you get it. The popularity of raw wood cuts (birch trunk side tables, coasters cut from tree branches etc.) plays into this understanding that things don’t have to be intricate to be interesting. Interest can be built from material and the resulting contrast of mixed finishes.

Does it sound like I’m learning something?

I am finished my semester at the end of June, and i think this is going to go on the list of “to create”¬†once I am no longer bogged down with drafting. A cluster of three would be divine.

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If I Had the Space

I would totally be ripping this idea off immediately. I made a vinyl sign in our kitchen that reads “Recepci√≥n” as a rebellion against the small space we actually inhabit. Plus, I wiiiiiiish I could speak Spanish. When Penelope Cruz gets going with her native tongue I go bananas with envy. I think tantrums would be immeasurably more effective if I could switch over to Spanish and just have a go.

In any case, this picture is a great start to something good. One of those ideas I need to put in my back pocket for another rental (we’re lifers- we live in one of the most expensive places in the world- and I’m ok with that) sometime in our future.

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