Little Deck.

It’s been two weeks.

I’ve given up social media for lent.

I’ve finally gotten out of the habit of mindlessly opening facebook or instagram any time I get around a computer. Can’t say I really miss facebook all that much, but Instagram, that’s my favourite.

That being said, I’ve swapped one thing for another. I used to wake up and enjoy my coffee while scrolling through my social media accounts- now, I’m on Houzz and Pinterest until I can’t take the inspiration any longer and disappear into a cloud of I’m-Making-Something-Here chaos.

So far I’ve managed to make three pieces of art for my wall; reupholster my dining room chairs, vanity stool and craft room chair; make a throw pillow; bring a lot fo gold into our apartment by spray painting candle holders, picture frames, and lamp bases, as well as fill a corner of the dining room with gold vinyl stickers. I have also cleaned out every closet in my apartment, baked a lemon pound cake and some bannock, and made two adorable necklaces out of one that I never wear.

(Scotty has been so amazed with my reawakened craftyness that, rumour has it, he’s been posting pictures of it to my Instagram)

Now I have my eye on my patio. I want to grow some veggies in pots and have a killer herb garden. I also want to pot some fragrant flowers so that they fill our bedroom, through an open window, with fragrance every night in the summer.

So far I’m thinking that I need to hit the second hand shops for pots, stands and something I can use for a lattice. And then I need to find some sort of fabric for outdoor pillows.

I have some old wicker furniture that is in great shape, but soooo faded- I think I’m going to try to repaint it (once I settle on a colour). Being that we have a south facing apartment, our balcony is the perfect place to be on a sunny day, but I wouldn’t mind a little more privacy. One person on pinterest suggested that a cheap divider could be made out of dowling and a couple canvas drop cloths from a hardware store! That brilliant idea paired with this (Martha’s Done It Again)- might be a dream come true- and maybe it’d work for some outdoor throw pillows too?

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Dear Summer

I keep this song on repeat hoping I can convince you to stay.

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